As our 20th anniversary comes to a close and the holiday season approaches, we, the JAZZ HOUSE KiDS alumni, come together to give voice to the impact this organization has had on our lives. As thriving young professionals, we are deeply grateful for your ongoing support and belief in the JAZZ HOUSE mission to provide access to world-class music education, build a community with a global reach, and invest in our futures. For our community of young, creative people to continue to thrive, we ask for your support at this time to ensure the next generation of JAZZ HOUSE students has the opportunities we had and even more as they prepare for the giant steps ahead.

Each of us has a story of how being on the bandstand at the JAZZ HOUSE changed our lives. Whether it was teaching us how to navigate demanding environments, broadening our horizons as an international student, or fostering the work ethic and confidence to thrive, the positive impact of this organization cannot be overstated. It ignited a passion that shaped our careers and allowed us to take our creativity to new heights, and today, all of us enjoy the lifelong friendships we made. We are living proof of the life-changing opportunities the JAZZ HOUSE provides, and we are committed to ensuring that future students have access to the same transformative experiences.

We are excited to share our Alumni stories with you!


  • INSTRUMENT: Tenor Saxophone
  • FROM: Lima, Peru
  • SCHOOL: Broward Community College, Montclair State University (BM), (MS)
  • JAZZ HOUSE: Introduced to the organization through a cultural exchange program in Peru. Participated in two JAZZ HOUSE Summer Workshops; returned as staff member.
  • NOW: Finishing his MS in jazz performance at MSU; working musician, teacher and composer; teaching assistant at JAZZ HOUSE.


  • INSTRUMENT: Trumpet
  • FROM: Pequannock, NJ
  • SCHOOL: Ohio State University (BS), Carnegie Mellon University (MS)
  • JAZZ HOUSE: Competed in JALC’s Essentially Ellington and the Charles Mingus competitions with the JAZZ HOUSE Big Band.
  • NOW: Cyber Security Control Assessor at Nationwide in Pittsburgh


  • INSTRUMENT: Baritone Saxophone
  • FROM: Union, NJ
  • SCHOOL: University of Alaska, Fairbanks (BSEM)
  • JAZZ HOUSE: Participated in two CHiCA Power® Spring Residency programs and two JAZZ HOUSE Summer Workshops
  • NOW: Undergraduate ROTC student at University of Alaska Fairbanks majoring in homeland security, with an associate degree in military intelligence. Will seek her master’s degree in business administration.


  • INSTRUMENT: Guitar
  • FROM: Newark, NJ
  • SCHOOL: The New School + Snow College (BM)
  • JAZZ HOUSE: Participated in our Music Scholars program at Arts High and attended classes in Montclair for 4 years. Competed in JALC’s Essentially Ellington and the Charles Mingus competitions with the JAZZ HOUSE Big Band. Recognized for outstanding performance
  • NOW: Software Engineer at Wells Fargo in Chandler, Arizona; continues to perform as a jazz guitarist.


  • INSTRUMENT: Tenor Saxophone
  • FROM:Montclair, NJ
  • SCHOOL: The Juilliard School (BM)
  • JAZZ HOUSE: Participated in some of our earliest classes while at Glenfield and Montclair High, competed in JALC’s Essentially Ellington and the Charles Mingus competitions with the JAZZ HOUSE Big Band.
  • NOW: New Orleans-based in-demand professional saxophonist.
JAZZ HOUSE goes to college


Your support is vital to making these formative experiences a reality. The JAZZ HOUSE GiANT Steps career development initiative prepares young people to become community leaders and global citizens by fostering invaluable professional networks, mentorships and pathways for successful careers on and off the stage. JAZZ HOUSE students have a 100% high school graduation rate, and its alumni enter competitive college programs. Today, you can see the impact of this organization far and wide, and we are excited to see our peers out in the world playing it forward.

As alumni of the JAZZ HOUSE, we cannot express enough our deep appreciation for your unwavering belief in this organization. Your investment will not go unnoticed and will yield a lifetime of returns for the next generation and positively impact the communities where they live.

The alumni of JAZZ HOUSE KiDS



Investing in inclusivity!We remove barriers and create opportunities for everyone to access world-class instruction, instruments, tuition assistance support, apprenticeship opportunities, and mentorship and participate in unparalleled live jazz and rich arts education experiences.

  • $18 million Invested in year-round jazz education to bridge the gap in the arts
  • 23,680 Hours of JAZZ HOUSE Music Scholars weekly programming in under-resourced communities
  • 9,600 Students receiving tuition assistance or free arts education programming
  • 1,361 Students receiving free private lessons
  • 1,218 New instruments placed in the hands of kids through the Give an Instrument Build a Musician program
  • 2,412 Young women participating in the CHiCA Power program


Boosting achievement through jazz! Our year-round programming nurtures a love for the uniquely American art form of jazz, and centers jazz as an intervention, empowering young people at every level of experience to rise and improvise.
  • 57,000+ Students served through JAZZ HOUSE MUSIC + EDUCATION PROGRAMS
  • 1,270+ Professional musicians and guest artists
  • 150 National + regional awards given to students and the organization
  • 170 CORE FACULTY leading in-school and out-of-school programming
  • 25+ NEA Jazz Masters helping further the mission of the JAZZ HOUSE


Our kids are going places! Through jazz, we prepare young people to become community leaders and global citizens, empowering them to find their voice and path in life, both on and off the stage.


Far-reaching impact! We foster thriving, inclusive and creative communities through the uniquely American art form of jazz, uplifting marginalized voices, delivering economic impact, and creating meaningful connections among emerging musicians, working artists, master practitioners, and music lovers.

  • 600,000+ Jazz fans attending JAZZ HOUSE public performances
  • $2.8 million generated for local businesses at
    the MONTCLAIR JAZZ FESTIVAL’S Downtown Jamboree
  • 1,000+ Free public concerts produced by the JAZZ HOUSE including the annual MONTCLAIR JAZZ FESTIVAL
  • 1.4 million+ Fans joining us for virtual programming online
  • 1.8 million SiriusXM Real Jazz listeners for MONTCLAIR JAZZ FEST rebroadcast