As we approach 2023, the JAZZ HOUSE is reaching an incredible milestone that is truly worth celebrating…we’ve been swinging to the beat for 20 years! For two decades, we have used the uniquely American art form of jazz to provide world-class access, learning, career development and community building.

An Instrument FOr ACCESS

I think that it’s very important to work with peers, especially at different levels. We get to learn from each other. I have no other opportunities to play with kids my age and don’t have music class at school so I’m really enjoying the program.”

JAZZ HOUSE @ Trinity - providing access

FACT: 50% of NYC public school students are unable to access outside music education. Source: Education Through Music

An Instrument FOr Learning

An Instrument for Learning - JAZZ HOUSE Music Scholars Program at Patterson, NJ

“Music has really boosted up my confidence! I’ve gotten to play and talk in front of so many people. Playing music means everything to me. It’s like a getaway. Music has been spectacular.”

FACT: Girls’ confidence drops an average of 30% between the ages of 8 and 14. Source: The Confidence Code for Girls

An Instrument FOr Career Development

During a masterclass, I remember our Artistic Director Christian McBride said, “JAZZ HOUSE KiDS is meant for teaching young individuals how to become good citizens and people.” I started to understand the importance of having the right people guide students in the right direction. This is ultimately what led me to pursue a career in higher education administration.”

Instrument for career development - mentorship with Norah Jones at the 2022 Ralph Pucci Jazz Set
FACT: Schools that produce the highest academic achievement in the US today are spending 20% to 30% of the day on the arts, with emphasis on music. Source: International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement

An Instrument FOr Community Building

instrument for community building - 2022 MONTCLAIR JAZZ FESTIVAL with Omar Hakim

We are having a great time at the MONTCLAIR JAZZ FEST! There’s nothing else quite like this. We’re dancing and partying with our new friends in Montclair....JAZZ HOUSE KiDS’ mission is incredible and you should donate.”

FACT: The largest FREE jazz festival in the greater NYC region, the MONTCLAIR JAZZ FESTIVAL attracts a diverse multi-generational audience with more than 40% people of color.


Investing in inclusivity! We remove barriers and create opportunities for everyone to access instruments and practice spaces, enjoy performance and mentorship programs, and participate in unparalleled live jazz experiences.


Boosting achievement through jazz! Our year-round programming nurtures a love for jazz and centers jazz as an intervention, empowering young people at every level of experience to rise and improvise.

    • 52,000+ Students served through JAZZ HOUSE MUSIC + EDUCATION PROGRAMS
    • 300+ Professional musicians and guest artists
    • 135 National + regional awards given to students and the organization
    • 78 CORE FACULTY leading in-school and out-of-school programming
    • 25+ NEA Jazz Masters helping further the mission of the JAZZ HOUSE


Our kids are going places! Through jazz, we prepare young people to become community leaders and global citizens, empowering them to find their voice and path in life both on and off the stage.


Far-reaching impact! We foster thriving communities through the uniquely American art form of jazz, uplifting marginalized voices, and creating meaningful connections among emerging musicians, working artists, master practitioners, and lovers of music.

  • 600,000+ Jazz fans attending JAZZ HOUSE public performances
  • 346 Free public concerts produced by the JAZZ HOUSE including the annual MONTCLAIR JAZZ FESTIVAL
  • 525,000+ Fans joining us for virtual programming online
  • 1.8 million SiriusXM Real Jazz listeners for MONTCLAIR JAZZ FEST rebroadcast