At the JAZZ HOUSE, we do whatever it takes to set students on a path that enriches them today and charts a course for tomorrow. When young people come through the doors of the JAZZ HOUSE, they find a safe haven, inspiring curriculum, like-minded peers, caring mentors, and artists who are the best in their field. Through music + mentorship + education + apprenticeship we work to ensure transformational impact.

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“I definitely feel like the work ethic I get from JAZZ HOUSE KiDS is teaching me discipline, so every facet of my life just got improved by JAZZ HOUSE KiDS.

2018 JAZZ HOUSE Musician of Distinction, Kakuyon Mataeh discusses the impact JAZZ HOUSE KiDS has had on his musicianship, and his life. Supporting our students goes far beyond tuition assistance and private lessons. Every week, Kakuyon puts incredible effort into getting to the JAZZ HOUSE practiced and prepared. Find out how the JAZZ HOUSE honors his effort by going the distance for him.

Smith University Class of 2022

“The most important thing as a young musician is to find your voice”

Emily Springer has been a constant presence at the JAZZ HOUSE for years, playing and singing in no fewer than THREE of our top ensembles. By the time Emily graduated in May of 2018, she had practically moved in. It was not until Emily brought her college essay in though, that we truly understood the extent to which she had made the JAZZ HOUSE her home. Emily is now a freshman at Smith College in Massachusetts.


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