“My daughters couldn’t wait to go to the Jazz House each week and be with students with similar interests. When your children study at the Jazz House, they learn who they are and how to work hard, be part of a team, focus, stand up in front of people, and do their best.”

Jazz House Kids Parent


“Jazz House Kids has been a tremendous asset to my students and me. They opened a whole new world of musical possibilities.”

Music Teacher, Newark Public Schools


“I found mentors, peers and, more importantly, my voice. Today, as a student at the Juilliard School of Music, I can thank Jazz House Kids for helping me turn an important corner and giving me the tools to flourish. Jazz House Kids not only inspires emerging musicians: it builds futures!”

Jazz House Kids alum


“Jazz House Kids has impacted my life in various different ways. I have never played or listened to jazz before I went to the program. By the end of the program they didn’t only teach me how to be swingin’, They taught me many valuable lessons that I would never be able to learn on my own or in my own community (Paterson NJ). I truly recommend that you send your children here and know that they are in safe and loving arms. They will help you in anyway shape or form if you show them that you want to learn. Thank you Jazz House Kids for all of the valuable lessons you taught me!”

Jazz House Kids alum


“The Jazz House experience has been a huge plus.  I’m much better prepared for college.”

Jazz House alum