About Us

One of the most successful and respected jazz education programs in the country.”


We invite you to explore the exciting world of JAZZ HOUSE KiDS!

Who We Are

Now in its 15th year, JAZZ HOUSE KiDS is the only community arts organization in New Jersey exclusively dedicated to educating children through jazz: America’s home-grown art form. In the schools, at the Jazz House and in our community, we give students an artistic edge – music, mentoring, education and apprenticeship at work!

What is a JAZZ HOUSE, Anyway?

Our “JAZZ HOUSE” isn’t just a physical place, but a metaphor for what we build everywhere we go–in schools, at our studios, and around the towns we serve.

What We Do

At JAZZ HOUSE KiDS, we believe that learning to love, understand, and create jazz—this great American art form–reaps life-long benefits that every child deserves to enjoy.


JAZZ HOUSE KiDS has a tremendous band of professionals who keep the Jazz House humming. Meet the people who bring the JAZZ HOUSE to life each and every day.

Accomplishments & Recognition

Allow us to toot our own horn!

We are proud of the growing number of awards and accolades given to our students, director, and organization. A handful are here; we welcome you to download this complete list.

Meet Our Kids

Hear from the kids themselves how JAZZ HOUSE KiDS has impacted their life, blossomed their talent, and molded their musical lives!

Get a tour of the JAZZ HOUSE