Music + Education Funds

Bridging The Gap

The Jazz House Kids Music + Education Fund addresses the crisis in arts education today, by bridging the gap and providing greater access and inclusion for families in need and for schools in our poorest communities. But, Jazz House Kids does much more than teach musicians: We give students an artistic edge. Our tested programs and world-class education develop community leaders and global citizens.

Jazz House Kids students are some of the most accomplished music students in the nation, and participants in our in-school programs are graduating from high school at a higher rate than their peers. In the past three years alone, our Jazz House graduates have received more than $1,000,000 in college scholarships. Build a Jazz House, build a child’s future!

The Jazz House Kids Music + Education Fund will strategically address our 3 key areas to ensure that no child is left sitting on the sidelines, by doing the following, and much, much more!

  • In the Schools: Allow Jazz House Kids to place vital music education programs through 1,200 contact hours in classrooms within school districts with the most need in New Jersey, while donating much-needed instruments 
  • At the Jazz House: Award tuition assistance to 40% our students with most need and provide 1,000 one-on-one lessons at the Jazz House throughout year, while expanding our highly sought-after mentoring programs, such as the all-girls CHiCA Power.
  • In the Community: Build community and spread our love of this great American art form through more than 100 student performances that reach 25,000 people annually, including the Montclair Jazz Festival.

Wynton Marsalis has said about Jazz House Kids: “this organization is deserving and worthy of support from all who wish to see an actual movement in the direction of excellence for our young people. Count me in that number.”

We hope we can count you in that number, too! The Jazz House Kids Music + Education Fund is committed to meeting the needs of the thousands of talented students who reach out to us every year looking for an opportunity to learn through jazz.

Our mission in action… Your support hard at work!

  • Equip our students with essential tools of the trade!
  • Give a young musician a boost by funding private lessons with top faculty!
  • Inspire girls through our peer-to-peer CHiCA Power® Program!
  • Put an instrument in the hands of a student sitting on the sidelines!
  • Bring a jazz musician into a public school classroom for a masterclass!
  • Become a summer hero by sponsoring a student at the Jazz House Summer Workshop!
  • Provide year-round tuition assistance for a student in need!
  • Create an after-school safe haven at the Jazz House for student musicians!
  • Make a classroom swing by adopting a school in an underserved district!

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These special scholarships and programs fall under the umbrella of the Music + Education Fund: