If I submitted my audition in the spring, do we need to submit an audition again for fall / spring 2021-2022 classes?
No. Your spring audition can be used for both summer and fall / spring 2021 – 2022 class registrations.

Do all new students need to audition?
Yes. Auditions are required for all new students for appropriate level placement in our summer programs and are due September 1st. If you enroll after September 1st we still require the audition materials to be submitted.

Do I have to take an elective to be in a FALL ensemble?
No. But we encourage all our students to take advantage of the rich and exciting skill-based offerings to round out your musicianship. However, electives are not required.

Is need-based tuition assistance available?
Yes. JAZZ HOUSE KiDS® believes that all students deserve access to great arts experiences. Apply early, as funds are limited. Deadline is September 17th.

Are in-person classes safe?
Each in-person session will adhere to the highest safety protocols recommended by current CDC and New Jersey Department of Health guidelines, including: smaller class sizes to allow social distancing; student temperatures taken upon entering classroom; frequent use of hand sanitizer; students will be positioned six feet apart at a minimum; bell covers + saxophone bags on instruments and required face coverings and/or instrument face masks. Classrooms are thoroughly sanitized between sessions. Learn more about our health and safety protocols.


How much should I practice between classes?
Please carve out a certain amount of time on a daily basis that you can devote to your practice. It helps if it is at the same time every day. You don’t have to practice for very long—what’s more important is that your practice be consistent and daily. However, the amount of time you practice is directly related to how fast you advance.

How will I know who my teacher is?
Once you audition at Jazz House Kids, you will be placed in a class with a teacher who will best suit your level and help you grow as a player.

Do I have to be a huge jazz fan to enjoy classes at Jazz House Kids?
No, but you do have to have an interest in improvised music, an open mind, a good attitude, and a willingness to learn. With that formula, you’ll be a jazz fan in no time.

I’m pretty good on my instrument, but I’ve mostly been playing rock/classical/pop/folk. What do I need to do to prepare to be in a Jazz House Kids class?
The first step for all students is learning how to play a simple 12-bar blues in Bb and then F. A drummer’s first step should be to learn a swing feel. Bass players should learn to walk a bass line to outline the chords of the blues.

I’m a total beginner on my instrument! Can I still be in a class?
We ask that all students have at least one year of experience on their instrument and be able to at least have a basic ability to read music.

Can I take private lessons at Jazz House Kids?
We do not offer private lessons, but we are more than happy to help you find the right private teacher. We feel that the private lesson experience is extremely important and urge all of our students to take private lessons.


Who are the teachers at Jazz House Kids?
The Jazz House faculty is made up jazz musicians who are not only some of our area’s most highly regarded working jazz musicians, but are also great teachers.

Do you offer private lessons?
We do not offer private lessons, but we are more than happy to help you find the right private teacher for your child. We value the importance of private lessons and urge all of our students to take them.

What kind of scholarship aid or tuition assistance do you provide?
JAZZ HOUSE KiDS offers need-based financial assistance to those families who qualify.  Limited tuition assistance is available for both our academic year and summer programs.  Please apply early.  To inquire, please contact us at 973.744.2273 or email us at AFERRARO@JAZZHOUSEKIDS.ORG.

What kind of supervision do you provide at the Jazz House? How about at “giglets” and other Jazz House Kids get-togethers?
At all times, students are accompanied by at least one staff or faculty member. Often, we have staff as well faculty on hand.

What is the age range of students in your ensembles? Will my child be with students her own age, or of all ages?
Skill level is more of a determining factor than age in class placement. However, we do take age into account when we can, to make sure the social environment in each class will help create an atmosphere conducive to musical growth.

What are your policies regarding missed classes?
If a student is late to a rehearsal or needs to miss it altogether because of sports, family obligations, school concerts, etc., the student or parent must contact the director of the ensemble at least three days in advance. Only in emergency situations and unforeseen circumstances will advance notice of less than three days be accepted.

A student who misses three or more rehearsals may be asked to leave the group.

Unexcused Absences:
Missing two rehearsals unexcused may result in being asked to leave the group. Jazz House Kids must be notified of the reason for any unexcused absence.

Please note: Attendance at all concerts, competitions, performances and related rehearsals is mandatory. Periodically, performances may be added to an ensemble’s calendar. At such times, we will make every effort to give notice, well in advance.

How about practicing—how much time do you expect students to spend on their instruments between classes?

Students should devote a certain amount of time on a daily basis to individual practice. It does not have to be very long—what’s more important is that it is consistent and daily. However, the amount of time a student practices is directly related to how fast he advances.


What is the cancellation policy for the Full Academic Year? 

Please note that all fees and deposits are non-refundable. A $25 Registration Fee and $100 Class Placement Deposit are due at the time of registration. If a student withdraws from the program for any reason, the Program Fee will be forfeited; credit will be issued for future registration. If a class is canceled for any reason, we will make every effort to work with the student to find a suitable alternative class offering.

In the event that a student on a Payment Plan withdraws from the program for any reason, the Program Fee for the current trimester will be forfeited and the balance for the current trimester will be charged to the credit card on file to satisfy the Payment Plan Policy. Should any in-person programming have to be transferred to an online format due to safety concerns, or local, state or federal guidelines related to the on-going the Coronavirus pandemic, no refunds will be given. Should the JAZZ HOUSE arts education program have to be canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic safety concerns and/or local, state or federal guidelines, all registrations will be credited for use. Thank you for your understanding.

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