On The Sunny Side Of The Street – Volume 19

On The Sunny Side of The Street


Dear friends and families,

SolidarityI send my grateful thanks to the many friends, fans and supporters of the JAZZ HOUSE who so generously helped us close out the most devastating year of our lifetime with gifts of support and launched us into the New Year with a sense of hope and promise. Yet, like so many of you, we are struggling with the violent events that occurred last week in Washington DC in our own Capitol building and around the country since the election, that seek to undermine the results of our fair and democratic process. The misinformation, hate and fury that has been a part of the discourse is an affront to us all and our democracy.

Every day at the JAZZ HOUSE, our students get a civics lesson — democracy in action as they work together to let their voice be heard on the bandstand. They learn how to follow and how to lead; how to make room for the dissonant cords from their peers; and enjoy swinging on the inside or playing on the outside. No matter what, they always share a healthy respect for one another, and the joy of playing together. They learn they are accountable to the whole, and the basic rules of engagement which are passed down from generation to the next. These life lessons would serve all of us well today.

Harmony starts in our own backyard. For those of us who have dedicated our life’s work to jazz and are committed to passing down the values, history and artistry of America’s Home Grown Music to the next generation of young musicians,

JAZZ is our voice and our instrument of change. We at JAZZ HOUSE KiDS will continue to work toward bringing people together to be their best self and stand on the side of truth and reconciliation through the democracy of jazz. The song of America should and will change. Our young people are watching us yet again, another critical time.

Wishing you good health and peace,

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Melissa Walker
Founder + President



JAZZ HOUSE Music Club at Link Community Charter School (2019)
JAZZ HOUSE Music Club at Link Community Charter School (2019)

Ask any teacher or parent — remote learning is not easy. Online music classes can be particularly challenging, but thanks to the resiliency and adaptability of a dedicated staff and faculty, the students at the Link Community Charter School are thriving and learning. The Newark-based middle school continues to provide a full comprehensive education experience that includes a strong arts program.

JAZZ HOUSE Music Club at Link Community Charter School (2019)

For the past 10 years, JAZZ HOUSE KiDS has partnered with Link’s head of school, PILAR PARADISO to provide music education for their middle schoolers. This year is no exception, with the JAZZ HOUSE Music Club working with students in grades six through eight in more than 16 classes a week. The music program is led by JAZZ HOUSE teaching artist LISETTE SANTIAGO, who brings her extraordinary warmth and love of music to the school. This program is open to all students, and it focuses on classic jazz tunes, jazz history and general music education. Students also have the exciting opportunity to be part of performing music electives where they are developing a wide range of musical and life skills, including self-confidence, teamwork and leadership skills.


“When the pandemic hit and art programs in schools were either downsized or suspended, Link continued it’s commitment to providing a full and comprehensive educational experience that included a strong arts program,” said SANTIAGO. “Fortunately, this allowed me to continue teaching general music without interruption. Transitioning to a remote learning experience has not only enriched my teaching, but has allowed the students to access their ability to be flexible and creative. The scholars at Link have been so remarkably resilient and adaptable and I couldn’t be prouder of them. ”

JAZZ HOUSE KiDS has its early roots in the Newark Schools when 18 years ago WBGO asked MELISSA WALKER to conduct a workshop for students and their families to introduce them to jazz music. Flash forward to today, the JAZZ HOUSE Music Club continues to bridge the music gap and boost scholastic outcomes in underserved schools with robust jazz education at no cost to the school or student. Many students struggle with food insecurity or homelessness, while others have witnessed extreme violence. The programs provide much-needed structure and engagement.

We are so proud of our JAZZ HOUSE Music Club students at Link, who continue to work hard with the same dedication and excitement.

Christin McBride visits LINK School (2017)
Christin McBride visits LINK School (2017)


JAZZ & CINEMA: A 100-YEAR ROMANCE with Ashley Kahn

Wednesday, January 13 @ 6:30 pm
[iNSIDE] THE JAZZ NOTE® Guest Artist Series
“JAZZ + CINEMA: A 100-year-old Romance”
Presented by ASHLEY KAHN

Jazz in the world of film and television has a long, colorful, and varied history-in fact they both came of age about 100 years ago, and they have found a way of working together ever since, whether jazz was the focus of a film, or it served as a plot element, or a jazz musician played a role in the film, or jazz was on the soundtrack. The results of this creative overlap-or collision, depending on your perspective-have ranged from the sublime and supreme, to the cornball and ridiculous. This discussion will be fun and informative, looking at examples of all the above-and then dig deep into the story of one historic marriage of jazz and cinema: Miles Davis and the 1958 Louis Malle film, Elevator to the Gallows. (Ascenseur pour l’echafaud)
Curated by TED CHUBB, trumpeter & JAZZ HOUSE Director of Cultural Programming.
Presented with educational partner, Montclair Film. FREE to all jazz lovers and students.

to Ashley and Ted riffing about what’s happening tonight:


Ralph Pucci 5th Annual Jazz Set featuring Wynton Marsalis and Christian McBride

ABout Ralph Pucci

Ralph Pucci Jazz Set Details



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Wednesday, January 13 @ 6:30 pm ET

Part of the [iNSIDE] THE JAZZ NOTE® Guest Artist Series, hosted by GRAMMY Award-winning jazz historian ASHLEY KAHN.
Curated by TED CHUBB, trumpeter & JAZZ HOUSE Director of Cultural Programming. Presented with educational partner, Montclair Film.
Open to all jazz lovers and students.

Wednesday, January 27 @ 6:30 pm ET
Part of the [iNSIDE] THE JAZZ NOTE® Guest Artist Series, hosted by drummer, composer and teacher, ALLISON MILLER. Curated by TED CHUBB, trumpeter & JAZZ HOUSE Director of Cultural Programming.
Be your own drummer! We are all rhythm makers and movers so let’s get up out of our chairs and make some music together….even through Zoom. Miller will lead us on a rhythmic journey of organized moving, clapping and foot stomping to get us moving and deepen our sense of rhythm through our entire body. We will explore rhythmic counterpoint, syncopation, polyrhythms, and how a groove equals a sum of its parts.

Clap Your Hands! with Allison Miller

Wednesday, February 3 @ 6:30 pm
[iNSIDE] THE JAZZ NOTE® Guest Artist Series
Alice Coltrane: The Swamini Who Swung
Curated by TED CHUBB

When John Coltrane suddenly succumbed to liver cancer in July of 1967, the 30-year old pianist Alice McLeod Coltrane found herself a widow with four children, with no career of her own to speak of, and the burden of preserving her husband’s legacy. In less than a year, she learned to play harp, signed with Impulse Records, began recording a singular fusion of musical styles unlike any other, and set upon a spiritual journey of her own that would lead her to become a swamini, a Vedic leader establishing an ashram in southern California. Through video and musical excerpts, we will celebrate and examine an African American woman who defied convention to create a musical legacy that resonates as strongly today-almost fifteen years since her passing in 2007-as when she first recorded them. Welcome to the world of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda. Om shanti.

Alice Coltrane: The Swamini Who Swung with Ashley Kahn

Thursday, February 4
5:00 PM – VIP Virtual Cocktail Reception + Meet & Greet with Artists
6:00 PM – Virtual Backstage Concert Pass to Live Show Taping from RALPH PUCCI
Tuesday, March 16
8:00 PM – Ticketed livestream of “The Lowdown: Conversations with Christian®” an intimate concert + conversation featuring WYNTON MARSALIS backed by the hottest young musicians on the scene.

(February 4 Meet & Greet/Live Taping + March 16 Mardi Gras Broadcast)
(February 4 Meet & Greet/Live Taping + March 16 Mardi Gras Broadcast)
(March 16 Mardi Gras Broadcast)
Ralph Pucci 5th Annual Jazz Set featuring Wynton Marsalis and Christian McBride






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“JAZZ HOUSE KiDS students consistently impress, not only because of their musical abilities, but also because of their focus, presence and commitment to quality. [The organization] is doing more than educating musicians: they are developing cultural leaders – something we desperately need at this time.”

~ Wynton Marsalis