From the Big Apple to Bahrain: JAZZ HOUSE KiDS Is Bridging Cultures Through Music

2024 Bahrain Jazz Fest

Fusing the vibrant sounds of New York’s jazz scene with the cultural tapestry of Bahrain, JAZZ HOUSE KiDS collaborated with the BNP Paribas Bahrain Jazz Fest to bring the best of two worlds together with Yalla Jazz! project at the 7th edition of the festival which was organized by Clockwork Bahrain.

The diverse ensemble was led by Ted Chubb, acclaimed trumpeter / Jazz House Kids’ Vice President of Jazz Education and also featured Bahraini musician Ahmed Al Qasim along with rising stars from the New York jazz scene, Kelly Green, Birsa Chatterjee, and Darrell Smith. Pushing the boundaries of jazz and creating a cross-cultural musical experience, they had the crowd grooving at the Royal Golf Club on 26th April.

The Yalla Jazz! project was specifically established as part of the festival and was supported by the US Embassy in Bahrain.

During their visit to the island, JAZZ HOUSE KiDS also hosted a student outreach program, engaging with young musicians in Bahrain.

Ted Chubb, Director of Cultural Programming at JAZZ HOUSE KiDS spoke to us about the organization’s work and the group’s experience in Bahrain.”