Student Spotlight: Nathan Farrell

Student Spotlight Nathan Farrell

Meet Nathan Farrell, JAZZ HOUSE KiDS alum and current junior at Columbia University.  Like all of us, he’s hanging at home. In addition to his online school work studying sustainable development, he’s using his time to collaborate with musicians, and get deep into the music of masters from all instruments and genres.   Nathan came to the JAZZ HOUSE s a 10-year-old wanting to develop some jazz chops on the saxophone.

“I developed a foundation as a young musician, got to experience and see so many of the benefits jazz can bring to communities around the world, and met a lot of people I might know for the rest of my life. I am very grateful to not be too far, come back to the festival each summer, and be able to continue developing connections that began in JAZZ HOUSE rehearsal rooms!”

As he puts together his game plan, he certainly hopes the future will hold as much performing, composing, and recording as possible — a higher degree in jazz could be a viable next step!