An Instrument for Learning - JAZZ HOUSE in school program at Patterson

The JAZZ HOUSE Music Scholars Program aims to inspire and challenge students on their instruments by teaching them to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of music
  • Learn the proper way to take care of their instruments
  • Produce sounds with proper technique
  • Read music notation
  • Learn repertoire
  • Demonstrate performance etiquette


JAZZ HOUSE provides a team that will go into schools and work with both students and school administration. The team includes:

  • a group of renown Teaching Artists: 1 Lead instructor and up to 4 additional instructors (saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and/or vocals) depending on the number of students.
  • In addition the  JAZZ HOUSE KiDS Manager of In-School Programs is in attendance.

Charts and Music

Charts and Music is provided by JAZZ HOUSE KiDS


Live performance is a key component of our JAZZ HOUSE Music Scholars program. The program invites acclaimed guest artists and seasoned professionals into schools to produce school and community concerts that featured the new jazz band program and students. These concerts usually include:

  • Recruitment Concert
  • All-Star Concert
  • 1-2 Community Concerts
  • JAZZ HOUSE Music Scholars Final Showcase


JAZZ HOUSE Music Scholars Program includes classroom and performance observations for arts training to identify musical growth, as well as pre-evaluations, mid-point and post-evaluations of students’ progress. In addition, school music teachers complete mid-point and post-evaluations. JAZZ HOUSE KiDS compiles this qualitative and quantitative data to measure the program’s impact on students’ academic, musical and social-emotional skills. Our team meets to review results and discuss programmatic enhancements.