Our students are really going places!

We’re proud that some of our graduates are the first in their families going on to college. We graduated 27 young men and women this year. Several, now attend some of the nation’s top music schools and conservatories, and received significant scholarships totaling over half a million dollars!

It’s with great pride we see our students branching out, representing jazz across the country and knowing that Jazz House Kids played a part in their development at a very pivotal time.

“Studying at the Jazz House was probably the single most important thing I’ve done in my musical career so far. It helped me grow as a musician and a person in preparation for college and the professional world.”
A Jazz House Kids student for three years, David Zyto will attend the Manhattan School of Music

We’ve watched these fine young men and women — and talented musicians — grow up in the Jazz House. Some of them have been involved in our programs for five, six or even seven years.

“I was given great opportunities that the average high school student would not receive, for example, being able to share the stage with Christian McBride, Pat Metheny, George Duke and other great jazz legends. If there was not a Jazz House Kids, I would not be a jazz guitarist, and I would not be going to such an amazing college.”
A Jazz House Kids student for seven years, Rahsaan Pickett will attend The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

At our final student spring concert this year, we toasted our graduates at a special reception outside the John J. Cali School of Music. We cried and laughed, took lots of pictures and wished them well on their endeavors.

“Jazz House Kids has been a great experience. The teachers are knowledgeable and inspiring. It is great to play with kids who are really interested in learning jazz.”
A Jazz House Kids student for six years, Zoe Obadia will attend the Juilliard School

Graduation from high school is certainly a milestone, but there’s so much more to come: goals, challenges, and opportunities! Jazz House Kids wishes all our grads the very best and we look forward to welcoming you back next year at the Jazz House as alums. Thanks to all of your wonderful families who have supported you and your passion for music.

Well done, graduates!
Senior Photo