Community Building

We create communities at JAZZ HOUSE KiDS—of young musicians, their teachers, their families and friends, and our organization.

We believe just as strongly, though, in immersing ourselves in the many communities around us, small and large. While one of our goals is to bring jazz, musicianship, and the creative spirit to anyone who wants to listen and learn, a real cornerstone of our mission is to instill in our students the conviction that they should be passionate, active, invested citizens of the town, nation, and world in which they live.

To that end, JAZZ HOUSE KiDS student ensembles can be seen and heard everywhere, from a Fourth of July street parade in our hometown of Montclair; to a senior citizens center in a nearby city; to local concerts that raise funds Habitat for Humanity and aid to Haiti. Through our innovative EMC2—Emerging Musicians Community Concerts—our student players gave over 80 performances last year, including one accompanying the New Jersey Ballet at an exhilarating celebration of our state’s 350th anniversary.

If you’d like to feature our emerging musicians at your own benefit, party, or event, please visit our EMC2 page.

We welcome you, our community, to join us at any of our myriad Jazz House Kids events: the annual, ever-growing Montclair Jazz Festival; our swinging fundraisers; the yearly Celebrating Jazz lectures and concerts we hold during Jazz Appreciation Month. Please check our calendar often to see what we’re up to now!

Join us and be a part of our exuberant jazz community!